The Fascinating Art of Fore-Edge Painting

Published on 9th March 2017 in Uncategorized.
Here at Décor Books, you know all too well about our love for… Well, books! And today we’re sharing that love with you, by taking a look at the fascinating art of fore-edge painting. What is the ‘fore-edge’? Quite simply, the ‘fore-edge’ is the part of a book that faces inwards to the bookshelf – it’s the opposite to the spine! And, as you can imagine, fore-edge painting is when deftly handed artists paint a scene onto the fore edge of a book! This can either be done with the edge solid, so that the finished painting is visible when the book is closed. Or, more commonly, painted when the edge is fanned out… Meaning the mysterious (and miniature)...

What Does The Colour of Your Home Library Say About You?

Published on 14th November 2016 in Uncategorized.
It may just be your favourite colour. As simple as that. Or, your home library make speak volumes (if you'll pardon the pun) about your personality - from wacky, multi-coloured outlandish collections, to reserved, muted neutral tones. Whatever your colour choice, the hue of your room, feature wall, or home library, can very much influence your mood and much more. Here's a few popular colours, and what effect they could have on your home should you choose them for your home library. Orange It's said that the colour orange expands your thinking. This vibrant, dynamic hue reduces self-consciousness and allows you to express yourself with...
Our Favourite Roald Dahl Titles… A Definitive List Of!

Our Favourite Roald Dahl Titles… A Definitive List Of!

Published on 2nd November 2016 in Uncategorized.
In our 'Celebrating Roald Dahl' series, in honour of what would have been his 100th birthday this year, today we present to you a definitive list of our favourite titles!  The Witches (1983) As terrifying as it is hilarious! In the first title on our list, a tragically orphaned boy is sent to live...
The Story of Roald Dahl…

The Story of Roald Dahl…

Published on 20th October 2016 in Uncategorized.
2016 is a remarkable year for books. Why? Because this very year would have seen the 100th birthday of none other than celebrated author Roald Dahl. It was the fantastical imagination of Mr. Dahl that brought us the tales of The B.F.G, The Twits, James and The Giant Peach, darling Matilda and not forgetting a young boy named Charlie… And The Chocolate Factory we...
Battle of the Books! The World’s Two Largest Libraries

Battle of the Books! The World’s Two Largest Libraries

Published on 29th September 2016 in Uncategorized.
It's widely debated which land the world's biggest library belongs to, as the number of books in each contender tends to vary. Generally, it's the UK's British Library which pips its rival to the post - across the Pond you'll find America's Library of the U.S Congress. Combined, the two house a...
Books as interior design

Using Books in Your Interior Design

Published on 19th September 2016 in Interior Design.
Throughout history, books in the home have been about so much more than just reading. They have always been proudly, publicly displayed, on walls, shelves and piled up (in the home of any true bookworm!) in stacks, providing a unique combination of knowledge and decoration. Using books in interior design is a quick,...
What Exactly Is a ‘First Edition’?

What Exactly Is a ‘First Edition’?

Published on 31st August 2016 in Uncategorized.
In the last post, we talked about the misprint in the first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Now, ‘first edition’ is one of those book terms that is instantly recognisable to the general public, but it can also be one of the most confusing. So what exactly is a first edition? It’s not as simple as...
Does a Misprint Make a Book Worth More Money?

Does a Misprint Make a Book Worth More Money?

Published on 17th August 2016 in Uncategorized.
Have you seen the Harry Potter typo? You might have recently seen the recent story about the first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – it’s been reported that it may be worth thousands of pounds thanks to a typo that exists in 500 hardback copies of the first novel in J.K. Rowling’s wizarding world...
The Amazing Tale of The Ancient Library of Alexandria: Part 2

The Amazing Tale of The Ancient Library of Alexandria: Part 2

Published on 1st August 2016 in Uncategorized.
Last week we tried to solve the mystery of the fire that burned the Ancient Library of Alexandria down to the ground. Today, we're continuing our search for the guilty culprit... If Julius Caesar was to blame for the fire, surely this would be absolute in the history books (or what’s left of...

The Amazing Tale of The Ancient Library of Alexandria: Part 1

Published on 18th July 2016 in Uncategorized.
You know we love a library here at Décor Books, and today we’re taking a look at one of the most legendary, spectacular examples. The Ancient Library of Alexandria stood in the city of Alexandria, Egypt. Even to this day it’s renowned for being one of the largest and most significant libraries...
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