7 Easy Ways to Use Books in Your Décor

It’s not as hard as you think. Here are some quick and easy tips on using books as décor, to help you transform your home…

1. Use colour to tell a story

We’re all used to seeing paint and patterned or textured wallpapers on an accent wall, but books can also be used to make part of a room pop with colour. Bright shades and vibrant-hued covers stand out against white, taupe or magnolia walls, or if the space itself is brightly coloured? A soothing palette of neutral books creates stunning contrast.

2. Try a clearly stylish centrepiece…

Got a glass-topped coffee table? Make the most of the clear surface by storing your books underneath. It’ll maximise available space, create a visually striking centrepiece and draw attention to your prized collection. Or if you have a kitchen island, incorporate shelving as well as cupboard space and display books here for a contemporary twist on classic design.

3. …And create a conversation starter too!

Love to travel? Or can’t get enough of fashion? Or are you a lover of good food? Whatever your passion, by putting together a small collection of books on subjects that are close to your heart, you can easily add the essence of your personality to a room. By making these books a focal point – under your coffee table for example – you’re creating a fabulous icebreaker for guests. Plus, they look great – and are completely unique to you!

4. Tips for the green-fingered

If it’s gardening that gets you going, why not pair your love of the outdoors with books around the home? Complement a conservatory, balcony or windowsill with fresh cut flowers or small green succulents (the low-maintenance option!) for a modern, fresh feel. Choose green covers, botanical prints or books on artists like Van Gogh or Georgia O’Keefe to achieve different styles around each area of the home.

5. Looking for a little luxury? Choose leather!

Nothing sings luxury quite like leather-bound antique books. With glittering gold-spines and thick cloth bindings, you can easily add an air of old world elegance and sophistication to any room – whether you’re creating a full-walled library-style look, or simply scattering a few titles here and there.

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Published on in Interior Design.