As a generation/nation of smartphone, tablet and laptop addicts, it is often easy to under appreciate the printed word. With the majority of us getting both our news and entertainment from online articles and social media, the good old fashioned book is becoming vastly over looked. 

Books are beautiful, and the craft that goes in to planning, writing and creating each one is a craft to be appreciated. Modern reading is all about fitting it in; the short, efficiency of tweets and posts, barely a few hundred words long, blogs and articles giving us snippets of information on anything and everything. The detail of a book is rarely emulated online, whether fiction or non-fiction, and it seems today it is necessary to be clear and concise, rather than captivating. 

Books enable you to lose yourself, turning pages and falling deeper and deeper into a world of action, romance, mystery… The list goes on, whichever takes your fancy. With a book, the words jump out at you and resonate on your brain like ink onto old parchment, leaving you with quotes, morals, ideals and notions that will stay with you for a while. From the old parables, Aesop’s stories, to fairytales and folklore, words have been passed down through generations throughout history and are immortalised on pages. These pages enable us to delve into someone else’s mind, and our own, in the way that each story and even each sentence, each word, is interpreted. 

The smell of a good book is fantastic. Whether brand new, shiny and plastic-y, text book style, the kind of smell that reminds you of your Year 4 pencil case, or a hundred years old, yellow and musty, each one has it’s own story; both literally and metaphorically. 

Surrounding yourself with these marvellous little paper portals into someone else’s world is a great way to add presence and depth to a room. Shelves filled with books are shelves stuffed with knowledge and wonder, and antique books offer you the chance to experience these that are way beyond our years. 

Next time you pick up a book, appreciate it. The work that has gone into it, the author’s passion behind the words, the process of publication, and the pride behind the finished result. How it came to be, how you are holding that little literary work of art in your very hands… Because after all, when did you last really appreciate the smell of a good Facebook post?

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