How to care for your Antiquarian or Vintage books

Handle all your books gently to ensure keeping them in the best condition. Keep in mind books printed from mid1850’s onwards were usually printed on mechanical ground wood pulp paper, which has a high acidity and can quickly degrade if not kept acceptable conditions.

Do not pull a book by the top of its spine to take it from the shelf, the spine is the most delicate part of a book and is also the main structure that holds a book together, It will damage it, also use a book mark, as leaving your book face down and open will cause unnecessary stress and wear

Large heavy books are best kept flat. General size books should be kept on shelves upright at 90° ensure the books are supported either side, this prevents the covers becoming warped. Avoid packing the books in too tightly or the covers will be damaged when you remove the books from the shelf.

Avoid displaying your books in direct sunlight which will eventually bleach out the spines and on the other hand not in an attic or cellar where there is limited air circulation.

Keep your books away from heat sources such as radiators and fires as the heat can dry the books and make the glue in the spine brittle and well as causing any leather binding to dry and weaken, causing cracks and splits, on the other hand a low temperatures, condensation or any damp conditions can invite mould growth which can weaken and irreversibly stain books and paper

Books can also attract pests such as mice, and insects such as silverfish and bookworms, which will leave traces of droppings and a dusty residue.

If you have loose covers or boards on a binding, Don’t try to repair books yourself, leave them as they are or use cotton tape tied around the top and bottom of a book. All other adhesives will over time damage and discolour the book

If you are thinking of having a book repaired, it can be an expensive process which can cost more than what you paid for the book.

Whatever you do decide, it is better to leave the book alone in its damaged state rather than carry out DIY repair.

If your books are unfortunate enough to get wet there are some measures you can take to limit the damage.

Stand the book on its head with absorbent cloth underneath. If the book cannot stand alone, support it with bookends. Put absorbent paper inside both front and back at this stage do not try to separate the pages, as they are prone to tearing. Change the absorbent paper underneath the book, and inside the covers, alternate the book from head to tail replacing the absorbent paper, when the water is no longer absorbing fluid and you can safely but gently open the pages, place the absorbent paper every 10-20 pages, changing the paper as often as the paper gets damp, once the paper is no longer absorbing but the book is still lightly damp open the book and fan the pages to let the air circulate and dry, do not apply extra heat, let the book dry naturally in a warm area. When almost dry, lie the book with an absorbent paper between the front and back cover and apply a weight to the top, this will stop any warping and help the book regain some of its original shape, Leave the weight in place until the book is totally dry.

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the Minimum/Maximum order?

There is no minimum order, just want a handful? We will price them accordingly and reasonably. We value all of our custom equally. There is not a maximum order as such, we can supply books by the ton if necessary. Although approving each book will not be an option.

How do I approve the books?

Once you have chosen either from the set price range or have a requested a quote we will then select an amount of books for you and send you a high quality image via email for you to make any changes you see fit.

What is the condition of the books?

Each of the books are quality and condition checked, once when we receive them from the suppliers and then again before despatch to you. We check for loose pages, firm binding and general condition.

Can I order a specific length?

If you give us your measurements for the space you need to fill and select the book type you want, for example if you wanted the vintage books which are £45.00 Per yard and you needed 1.5 yards of Vintage books would be 1.5 x £45.00 = £67.50.

Do I get a discount for bulk orders?

This is at the discretion of Décor books and we do not have set discounts for quantities of books, but there is possibility on quantity, loyalty and frequency of orders to qualify for a discount.

Can you help with choosing the right books for my space?

We have lots of experience in choosing the right books for a space and their prospective owners, we offer a free no obligation library design consultation, if you send us an image of the space/ colour palette and explain the look you are trying achieve, we will send you a selection of images to help you to decide.

Are these genuine antique books?

We stock the antique books for the decorative and leather set price range and these books age as early as 1820 but no later than 1925. The vintage books we stock are from 1925 upwards but usually dating around 1960.

Can I request specific, authors, colours and sizes?

Yes you can specify colours and sizes, conditional on availability. Images will be sent for your approval but these are limited to two approval images after removals are made. We do reserve the right to refuse an order if we feel you will better be served sourcing books individually, please keep in mind we are a decorative book company not a books shop, our selections are style and colour based. Please remember the more specifics requested the longer it can take to put your collection together.

Do you stock any other kind of books?

If you don’t see something that you are looking for then please ask, as we have a large amount of resources at our disposal and we are keen to help.